Need a hand?

       Carburetor REBUILDS

       Wear Rings

We stock all parts to rebuild carbs, jet pumps, etc and have decades of experience to do it right.

We are a fully capable shop with a wide variety of equipment, machinery, and dealer-only and specialty tools.

We support DIY-ers and enthusiasts! If you work on your own toys, things come up that you may not have the tools or the knowledge to tackle yourself, and it’s hard to find a shop that will help you. We have the tools and the expertise, and we’re happy to help.


Broken bolts



       Machine Work

We contract with a local engine developer to perform all our specialized engine machine work. Services include cylinder boring, head and valve work, and crank polishing.




We have the equipment to scan and diagnose all models PWC. We can program keys and immobilizers, read hours and fault codes, program Ficht injectors, etc.